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Itokashi is a brand producing iPhone cases in collaboration with the famous Kimono maker Chikusen and the lacquer ware company Yamada Heiando. Their products are contemporary goods inspired by Japan’s tradition and folklore. 
Masuya is a maker of Masu sake cups that also developed a range of modern design products. Masuya uses the Japanese Hinoki Cypress wood as its core material and thus create products that are light, waterproof, solid and smelling extremely good.  
【PAPER CRAFT】 Ieda Paper Craft
Ieda Paper makes beautiful objects out of Japanese Washi paper such as semi-transparent Mizu uchiwa or the ecological paper snowflakes to stick on the glass without glue. Ieda Paper are respecting the tradition of Japanese paper and adapting it to an environmentally friendly contemporary living. 
【PAPER CRAFT】 Inato Handfans
Inato is the last maker of hand-made Hinaga Uchiwa hand fans. Across the years, Hinaga Uchiwa have been suffering from cheap hand-fans made in China and the traditional hand-made production is now extremely limited. However, thanks to unique products such as the fragrance fans – which spreads your favorite fragrance as you vent yourself – the Hinaga Uchiwa is still existing and producing high quality products. 
【TEXTILE】 Art Nishimura
Art Shimura is a brand that uses the beauty of Kyoto's kimonoand especially velvet Yuzen with the modernity of innovative design and practical object that can be use on a daily basis. It is a way to protect the patrimoine of Yuzen fabrics while adapting to a new lifestyle in Japan and abroad. 
Edono is a brand that uses Japanese traditional Kimono fabrics from Kyoto to create contemporary stylish bags, card holder and other accessories. The design are simple in respect of the Japanese refine standards but the colors of the Kimono fabrics, along with the pattern, create unique and beautiful stylish accessories that fit any outfit. 
Kume Corporation was the first manufacturer of Tee-shirts in Japan and keeps even now producing genuine Tee-shirts made in Japan of organic Japanese cotton. Their Tee-shirts are extremely popular in Japan too, traditional designs inspired from Sake breweries or the ones inspired by the Hokusai art pieces have gained a great media coverage recently. 
【METALWORK】 Miura Kanzashi
The Miura family has been making kanzashi for Kabuki artists and Geishas since four generations. After graduation at a design school Takashi Miura decided to take over the family business from his father into the fourth generation. He not only continues production of traditional kanzashi for Kabuki artists and Geishas but also creates modern creations that better suit contemporary life. 
【OTHER CRAFTS】 Norimoto Tatami
Norimoto Tatami is a small producer of tatami mats that also creates a growing range of accessories made of Tatami. The Tatami Clock from Norimoto even received an award from the Japanese Ministry of tourism in 2012 for the section “Traditional Japan” of the Charming Souvenirs Contest.