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The finest selection of writing tools and accessories for Japanese calligraphy. We sell ink sticks, calligraphy paper, ink stones and brushes of the highest quality made by Japanese craftsmen. 
We also propose set for beginners making their first steps into the world of Japanese Calligraphy. 

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Painting Brush, Finishing Painting Brush, Shades Calligraphy Small Brush, Kolinsky Weasel Sable-Hair
Calligraphy Fine Brush, Saihitsu Shinseido Ink Stick for Thin Lines Shakyo Novice Calligraphy Brush
Shinseido Colored Ink Sticks Shinseido Blueish Ink Stick, Painting Brush, Basic Lines
Painting Brush, Coloring Shakyo Novice Calligraphy Brush, Reinforced Handle Shakyo Novice Calligraphy Brush, Black
Shinseido Ink Stick for Kanji, GEN 5.0 Calligraphy Thick Brush, Kenmoufude No.1 Calligraphy Medium Brush, Kolinsky Weasel Hair
Calligraphy Medium Brush, Kenmoufude Shinseido Ink Stick for Kanji, AKO Calligraphy Thick Brush, Uekenmoufude
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