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The word "Bento" is spreading around the world as the Japanese lunchbox culture is becoming more and more popular. Would it not be nice to enjoy your lunch in one these beautiful and practical Japanese bento boxes?
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Uki Hashi Chopsticks Uki Hashi Chopsticks
Uki Hashi Standard
Our Price: ¥1,092
Uki Hashi Mini
Our Price: ¥1,092
Furoshiki Chirimen Edokibashi Chopstick Bag, long Japanese Floating Ebony Chopsticks
Furoshiki Chirimen
Our Price: ¥1,575
Edokibashi Chopstick Bag, long
Our Price: ¥2,100

Kurikyu Odate Bentwood Lunchbox Slim Kurikyu Odate Bentwood Lunch Box