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The popular term COOL JAPAN often also refers to great products designed in Japan. Young designers often use traditional materials to create contemporary highly functional products or sometimes just play with Japan motifs to bring a little bit of joy into our day to day life. In collaboration with many talented designers we offer you a selection of design products. 
+ d is, more than a brand, an organization grouping together Japanese designers. Their project is to give a place and exposition to support individual designers producing original work made in Japan. With products from the most traditional to the most unexpected, the designers are creating contemporary pieces of art that can be use in our everyday life. 
AMRIT means “perpetual youth and longevity” in Sanskrit, located in front of the Yakushi-ji Temple in Nara, AMRIT takes is name and philosophy of providing customers with delicious and pleasant experience through the various products they offer. Using the traditional Tatami material they created a very contemporary product. 
B Prize
Created in 1946, B Prize (KanbiKoudou) was specialized in creating, realizing and selling trophies, cups, medals and so for various competition and events all over the country. Then, they evolved and created a side business where craftsmen started using natural materials such as wood to produce excellent quality products.  Specialized in lacquer ware they combine with great skills tradition and modernity. 
Benigna & Rika are trying through BCOME to use their Japanese-German background to create products that are combining the best of both oriental and occidental cultures. With original and beautiful design Benigna & Rika’s work are the perfect mix of tradition and modernity. 
Tomohiro Ikegaya started “goodbymarket” in 2011. From Shizuoka, near the Mount Fuji he used it has inspiration for his first project and created a series of products arounf the Mount Fuji theme.The name of his design label reflects his belief that the power of markets produces something good. "goodbymarket" shall be a communication tool connecting humans.
Linkline is a company where all employees are disabled, they produce high quality soaps at great price. More than the simple quality of products, the appearances of these soaps are also very beautiful. 
The word WANOKURA (和の蔵) means "Japanese style warehouse" and it very well describes the program of the still young design company. Established in 2009 a team of young designers came together to think about the meaning of Japanese cool. The term cool Japan is often related to manga and anime but WANOKURA wanted to create new products that suit modern lifestyle but still related to the rich traditions of Japan. 
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Mt. Envelope Real Mount Fuji Soap Cute Mount Fuji Soap
Mt. Envelope, 1 piece
Our Price: ¥315
Real Mount Fuji Soap
Our Price: ¥669
Cute Mount Fuji Soap
Our Price: ¥669
Leaf Thermometer Uki Hashi Chopsticks Cupmen Hold On, Ramen Cup Holder
Leaf Thermometer
Our Price: ¥1,123

Uki Hashi Standard
Our Price: ¥1,123
Cupmen Relax, Ramen Cup Holder CupWomen Cheerful , Ramen Cup Holder Cupmen Twins , Ramen Cup Holder
Uki Hashi Chopsticks WANOKURA Kimono Wine Bottle Holder WANOKURA Kimono Wine Bottle Holder
Uki Hashi Mini
Our Price: ¥1,123
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