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Japan’s effort to modernize some aspect of its culture via the Cool Japan action has lead many traditional companies and craftsmen to create new line of products that are made from traditional materials or with very Japanese-like patterns but adapted to a daily use in our modern society. With the great success of the iPhone in Japan, covers and accessories keep on being produce with always more originality. 
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Tatami-Pad iPhone Case Kimono Fabrik iPhone Case EDONO Kimono Fabric iPhone Case Orange Cold
Tatami-Pad Pine Needles / Happiness IPhone Covers Four-leaf Clover / Eternity IPhone Cover
Amrit Tatami-Pad iPad Cover
Our Price: ¥5,122

Pine, Bamboo, Plum trees and Fukura Sparrow / Energy iPhone Cover Cavre Black Toyotomi Hideyoshi iPhone Cover Cavre Red Oda Nobunaga iPhone Cover