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Welcome to NIHON ICHIBAN - the experts for authentic Japanese food and hand-made products.

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Popular Products

Japanese Handmade Glass Wind Chime with Pink Flower Paintings Tenpaku Hana Katsuobushi Bonito Flakes for regular Dashi Masuya Eco Humidifier Kyoto Incense Box with 12 Drawers and Incense Sticks
Masuya Eco Humidifier
Our Price: ¥7,350

Kyoto Incense Box with 12 Drawers and Incense Sticks
Our Price: ¥10,500
Sale Price: ¥7,350

Ando Cloisonne Pen Shinseido Ink Stick for Kanji, GEN 5.0 Ishioka Tsugaru Lacquer Oval Vase
Masuya Masu Sake Cup - Crane
Our Price: ¥500

Ando Cloisonne Ball-pen
Our Price: ¥5,250

Ishioka Tsugaru Lacquer Oval Vase
Our Price: ¥14,700

Edible Salt Pickled Sakura Cherry Blossoms katsuobushi kezuriki grater box Indenya Change Purse
Indenya Change Purse 1002
Our Price: ¥1,470

Tokyo Noble Vegetabrella Banko Ware Tea Pot 3D Puzzle of Odawara Castle Indenya Wallet 2204
Tokyo Noble Vegetabrella
Our Price: ¥4,725

Indenya Wallet 2204
Our Price: ¥8,925


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Kurikyu bentwood woodcraft from Japan