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Welcome to NIHON ICHIBAN - the experts for authentic Japanese food and hand-made products.

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Popular Products

Indenya Wallet 2204 Edible Salt Pickled Sakura Cherry Blossoms Kurikyu Odate Bentwood Lunchbox Slim
Indenya Wallet 2204
Our Price: ¥10,260

Ando Cloisonne Pen Ishioka Tsugaru Lacquer Oval Vase Indenya Change Purse Japanese Handmade Glass Wind Chime with Paintings of a Goldfish
Ando Cloisonne Ball-pen
Our Price: ¥5,400

Ishioka Tsugaru Lacquer Oval Vase
Our Price: ¥15,120

Indenya Change Purse 1002
Our Price: ¥1,728

Kanzashi Koibumi Ear Pierce Ishikawa Lacquer Miso Soup Bowl Whole Katsuobushi Block
Masuya Masu Sake Cup - Crane
Our Price: ¥514

Ishikawa Lacquer Miso Soup Bowl
Our Price: ¥3,240

Whole Katsuobushi Block
Our Price: ¥2,160

katsuobushi kezuriki grater box Indenya Purse 2003 Kikuhime Sake Brewery T-Shirt Banko Ware Tea Pot
Indenya Wallet 2003
Our Price: ¥9,288

Kikuhime Sake Brewery T-Shirt
Our Price: ¥4,104


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Kurikyu bentwood woodcraft from Japan