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Chinriu Honten (ちん里う本店) was established in 1871 in Odawara by Monya Komine who until then was the last chief cook of Odawara castle. Monya Komine was a celebrity cook who also was featured in Japanese novels of this time. He started the company as a high class restaurant and even cooked for Captain Perry when he came with the black ships to open Japan. The restaurant also offered umeboshi pickled plums, which became a popular gift.

The second generation of Komine decided to abandon the restaurant business and to focus on producing and retailing fine food made of ume plum and other Japanesse fruits and herbs. 

These days Chinriu Honten is run by fifth generation of the Komine family. Chinriu Honten produces and retails products made of Japanese fruits and herbs such as ume plum, yuzu lime or shiso herb. Only the best ingredients are selected from local contract farmers to produce according to traditional recipes.

Chinriu Honten has its own main shop in Odawara and also is listed in all major Japanese department stores such as Mitsukoshi and Takashimaya. Chinriu's products are famous for their high quality, authenticity and the natural production methods.
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Sweet Sour Japanese Ume Plum Candy Edible Salt Pickled Sakura Cherry Blossoms Whole Red Shiso Leaves Pickled in Salt from Japan Candied Ume Plum Sticks
Ume Plum Candy, 80g
Our Price: ¥432

Candied Ume Plum Sticks, 80g
Our Price: ¥540

Artisanal Furikake Rice Seasoning with Ume Plum from Japan Japanese Ume Jam White Umeboshi Paste
Ume Jam, 150g
Our Price: ¥627

Yuzu Mochi
Our Price: ¥823
Ume Plum Juice Syrup 3 Years Matured Umeboshi Pickles, 130g Hachimitsu Umeboshi, pickled ume with honey, 120g Umehachin Umeboshi, pickled ume with Shiso and Bonito Flakes, 125g
Ume Plum Juice Syrup
Our Price: ¥875
Japanese Ume Yokan Umebishiho sweet sour ume plum paste Nagareume Sukkiri Umeshu Plum Wine Brown Sugar Umeshu
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